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District Heating, Heating, Ventilation


In issue 6/2023

HEATING, DISCTRIC-HEATING ➔ Marian Rubik: Heat pump technology in the energy transition of district heating – challenges, risks and expectations. Part IV DOI: 10.15199/9.2023.4.1 Abstract

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Issue 9/2022

HEATING, DISCTRIC-HEATING ➔ Piotr Narowski4: TLM2000 – Typical Meteorological Years for Poland, Determined on the Basis of Meteorological and Climatic Data from 2001 to 2020

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Issue 7-8/2022

HEATING, DISCTRIC-HEATING ➔ Władysław Szymański, Bożena Babiarz: Influence of Thermal Inertia of The Building on the Heat Load Diagram DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.7-8.1 Abstract Keywords: heat load,

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Issue 6/2022

HEATING, DISCTRIC-HEATING Historical Background of the Institute of Environmental Engineering and Building Installations Lodz University of Technology – Robert Cichowicz (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.6.1) Abstract Keywords: environmental

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Issue 5/2022

HEATING, DISCTRIC-HEATING Proposal of the Method For Calculation of the Maximum and Minimum Heat Consumption in Order to Determine Heat Purchase Cost For Premises in

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Issue 4/2022

HEATING, DISCTRIC-HEATING Differences Between Calculated and Measured Energy Use For Heating and Domestic Hot Water Preparation on the Example of Single-Family Buildings ‒ Katarzyna Ratajczak,

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Issue 3/2022

HEATING, DISCTRIC-HEATING Evolution of District Heating Networks ‒ Robert Sekret (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.3.1) Abstract Keywords: new generation district heating, low temperature networks, energy efficiency Abstract The

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Issue 2/2022

Issue published as open access in cooperation with the Industry Alliance for Energy Efficiency (POBE) Download the issue in pdf format POBE How do the

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Issue 1/2022

DISTRICT HEATING, HEATING Improving the Energy Efficiency of Multi-Family Buildings in the Context of Reducing Energy Poverty ‒ Wioletta Walczak, Grzegorz Bartnicki The Myth&Facts Concerning

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