Journal of the Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians

Issue 4/2022


Differences Between Calculated and Measured Energy Use For Heating and Domestic Hot Water Preparation on the Example of Single-Family Buildings ‒ Katarzyna Ratajczak, Karol Bandurski, Łukasz Amanowicz, Jakub Brzeziński (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.4.1)

Energy and Economic Analysis of the Building Heating System Equipped with a Compressor Heat Pump Part 2 – Description of Building Installations and Test Results ‒ Janusz Zmywaczyk, Piotr Koniorczyk, Małgorzata Wizor (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.4.2)


Analysis of Thermal and Humidity Conditions of Data Center ‒ Agnieszka Palmowska, Damian Borys, Marzena Mróz-Gdawiec (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.4.3)

The National Centre for Research And Development Perform a Project Entitled “Ventilation Systems for Schools And Homes” ‒ Mariusz Skwarczyński (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.4.4)

Analysis of the Use of Air Recirculation in Ventilation Systems Due to COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines on the Example of an Installation Serving Public Utility Rooms ‒ Sylwia Szczęśniak, Weronika Baraniecka (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.4.5)

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles in air quality analysis ‒ Maciej Dobrzański (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.4.6)

Assessment of the Impact of Fire Damage to Internal Installations Carried Out By an Underground Garage on The Functioning of the Entire Building ‒ Bernardetta Ryba, Marek Borowski (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.4.7)

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