Journal of the Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians

Issue 5/2022


Proposal of the Method For Calculation of the Maximum and Minimum Heat Consumption in Order to Determine Heat Purchase Cost For Premises in a Multi-Family Building ‒ Aleksandra Specjał (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.5.1)

Analysis of Energy Demand For Heating of a Single-Family Building ‒ Piotr Ciuman, Aneta Witek (DOI:10.15199/9.2022.5.2)

The Concept of Modernization of the Central Heating System for the Existing Church in the Commune of Jakubów ‒ Joanna Rucińska, Joanna Kaczorek (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.5.3)

Installation Materials in the Context of Water Stagnation Exacerbated by the COVID-19 Pandemic ‒ Edyta Dudkiewicz, Łukasz Amanowicz (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.5.4)

Energy and economic analysis of the building heating system equipped with a compressor heat pump. Part 3 – Calculation of compressor heat pump parameters‒ Janusz Zmywaczyk, Piotr Koniorczyk, Małgorzata Wizor (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.5.5)


Microclimate of Office Rooms in The Day of Climate Changes ‒ Monika Blaszczok, Marcin Stachoń (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.5.6)

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