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Information for Authors

Before you start submitting your article to the COW editorial team, please read the information in this section about the publication process and the recommendations for preparing the article.

Authors of articles submitted for publication in a journal are responsible for compliance with copyright law – both the content of the work and the illustrations or compilations used therein should be the author’s own works or must be described in accordance with the rules of citation, with reference to the source of the quotation. The editorial office pursues a policy to prevent the phenomenon of plagiarism, and all manifestations of unreliability in this area are exposed.

With the publication of the article by the editor, the copyright is transferred to the publisher, which now has the right to use the work, to dispose of it and to reproduce it by any means, including electronic means, and to distribute it through any distribution channel.

The editorial staff does not return unsolicited contributions and reserves the right to edit, shorten and summarize texts. The editors are not responsible for the content of the advertising material. The Editors are not responsible for the content of advertising material.

On 1 December 2021, the Ministry of Education and Science published a new list of journals. “Heating Heating Ventilation” has 20 points.

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