Journal of the Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians

Issue 6/2022


Historical Background of the Institute of Environmental Engineering and Building Installations Lodz University of Technology – Robert Cichowicz (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.6.1)

Thermal insulation of energy equipment and heat losses in a fluidized bed furnace designed for combustion of municipal sewage sludge (DOI:10.15199/9.2022.6.2) – Robert Cichowicz, Jacek Wiśniewski

Heat Losses in Circulation Circuit of Usable Hot Water System (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.6.3) – Aleksandra Bugała, Maciej Grzywacz

Modernization of Heating Substations in Multi-Family Residential Buildings in the Widzew Estate in Łódź (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.6.4) – Tomasz Jerominko

Analysis of the Possibility of Using Renewable Energy Sources For the Needs of the Mountain Hut (DOI: 10.15199/92022.6.5) ‒ Jarosław Kaczor, Magdalena Machowska

Energy and Economic Analysis of the Building Heating System Equipped with a Compressor Heat Pump.Part 4 – Investment and Operating Costs. Economic Analysis (Doi:10.15199/9.2022.6.6) ‒ Janusz Zmywaczyk, Piotr Koniorczyk, Małgorzata Wizor

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