Journal of the Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians

Issue 3/2022


Evolution of District Heating Networks ‒ Robert Sekret (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.3.1)

Qualitative Risk Assessment of Investment Projects in District Heating Sector ‒ Anna Chęć, Bożena Babiarz (DOI: 10.15199/9.2922.3.2)

forHeat as A Method of Forecast Control of the Heating System in Building. Part 1: Installation and Creation of Energy Model ‒ Tomasz Cholewa, Alicja Siuta-Olcha (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.3.4)

The Myth&Facts Concerning District Heating Preinsulated Bonded Pipes. Part III. National Delaration of Performance¬ – Ewa Kręcielewska, Ireneusz Iwko (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.3.4)

Energy and economic analysis of the building heating system equipped with a compressor heat pump. Part 1 – Construction and principle of operation of compressor heat pumps ‒ Janusz Zmywaczyk, Piotr Koniorczyk, Małgorzata Wizor (DOI: 10.15199/9.2022.3.5)

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